Tensor Tire warrants to the original retail purchaser that its “Regulator Series” Tires will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Tensor Tire limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser for a period of two years from the manufacture date.

Tensor Tire agrees to replace, at Tensor Tire’s discretion, without charge, any Tensor Tire which is returned to the dealer from whom the tire was originally purchased or at the original retail purchaser’s expense to: Tensor Tire, 15500 Cornet Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (freight prepaid) and which, after examination, shows that said product has failed in normal use due to defects in material and/or workmanship. Such replacement shall not include removal or installation expense. This express warranty is not applicable to any tire that has been subject to abuse, neglect, chemicals, and/or adverse weather conditions. The warranty is void if the tire fails due to improper inflation pressures or overloading the tire beyond the maximum load capacity stated on the sidewall.

Transfer of title of Tensor Tire products by the original retail purchaser (consumer) voids the warranty

“Regulator Series” Tires used for Racing or other Competitive Events are not subject to any warranty because of the conditions these tires are being used for.

Tensor Tire “Desert Series” (DS) Race Tires are not tested to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are designed and manufactured specifically for racing. Therefore, they are illegal to use on public highways and are sold “as is” without warranties of any kind.

Tensor Tire hereby disclaims all other express warranties. Tensor Tire hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose to the extent the law of the state of sale and federal law allows.

WARNING: Tire mounting must be done only by trained personnel using proper tools and procedures.

Warranty claims must be processed through the original dealer or distributor that the tires were purchased from.


  • Damage or defects caused by abuse, misuse or neglect.
  • Tires purchased from someone other than a Tensor Tire dealer/distributor or Tensor Tire e-store.
  • Tire damage or irregular wear due to over loading, road hazards, punctures, cuts, impact and clilision.
  • Damage from incorrect mounting or dismounting, incorrect wheel size, improper inflation.
  • Tires that have been purchased by a dealer as used, seconds or blemished product.
  • Tires run while flat.
  • Tires that have been patched, plugged, repaired or into which liquid sealants have been introduced.
  • Tire corrosion or cosmetic flaws occurring after purchase due to chemicals, caustic cleaning agents, climate conditions or neglect.
  • Appearance blemishes or defects on tires that have been mounted.
  • Tires damaged by shipping or handling.