When you hear "overland", a tent topper on a Jeep or truck is generally what comes to mind. Recognizing that those vehicles can only take you so far off the beaten path, the thrill seekers at Godfrey Proof set out to build the perfect overland machine. Their platform of choice? A Polaris RZR Turbo S Dynamix.

A lot of thought went into designing the Godfrey Proof Overland RZR so that it could reach the most remote locations. Customized brackets were developed to run with snow tracks for winter trips. A dual battery setup with a built in inverter was installed so the vehicle could be run off a generator. Rock sliders and a 4500 lbs low profile winch keep it out of trouble on some of the trickier trails and conditions.

The build sports Tensor DSR 35" tires featuring ribbed sidewalls for enhanced puncture protection, a lightweight build, and proven performance in the harshest race environments. This makes them a top choice for most riding environments and conditions. In addition to the Tensor Tires, a slew of other great aftermarket parts, like a 72" HCR Elite suspension package and Trinity Racing dual exhaust, make the Godfrey Proof Overland RZR one of the best overland machines we've ever seen.

"We always felt like a tent topper was meant more for the UTV community than anything else. Throwing a tent on a Jeep or Truck was cool and all, but you were limited to how far off the beaten path you could actually get. With a RZR the trails and views are endless and we always wished we were able to camp in these exotic places without having to pack so much gear all the time. With that the first Godfrey Proof Overland build was born with the ability to rip through the trails at full capacity, then within 10 minutes have a full camp-site." - Chanler Godfrey


TENSOR: What is Godfrey Proof?

GP: From creating the worldwide brand known as Nitro Circus, Godfrey Proof is a new lifestyle brand whose goal is to re-engineer the perception of adventure and make it more accessible for everyone to "Discover Courage".

TENSOR: Where have you traveled to with the build so far?

GP: All over Utah mostly from the Uinta Mountains, to Moab, to CanyonLands National Park.

TENSOR: Why Tensor Tire?

GP: Best Damn Tires on the market. There are few products we put our "Godfrey Proof" stamp of approval on, and Tensor Tires is a no brainer for us.



Builder Godfrey Proof
Chassis 2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S Dynamix


K&T Charge Tube with Trinity Racing Dual Exhaust
Dual battery setup with built in inverter to run vehicle off generator


Method Race Wheels 409 UTV Beadgrip Steel Grey
Tires Tensor DSR 35x10x15
HCR Elite 72" kit
Assault Industries roof rack, grill, mirrors, & fire extinguisher
Lighting Heretic Studios pods, light bar, 10" bar, & BA-2's
Cage Vent Racing custom chrome alloy 
Livery Design ECD Customs


Seats Simpson custom seats
Camlock 4 point
Sound System SSV Works Phase 5-sound system
Wheel Assault Industries Navigator wheel with push-to-talk plate
Rugged Radios 4 person intercom & 60W radio

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