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Racing has never been easy by any means. On the same scale, off-road desert racing can be even more difficult, especially when competing in the UTV divisions. This factors in several things but mainly, it is weighted on experience and competition. The barrier to entry is typically somewhat lower since you can purchase a UTV through a dealership. Meaning there is a lot of competition. After throwing a few modifications and safety upgrades onto the vehicle, one would assume it is now "race-ready." Then comes the lessons of life and experience.

Adam Castaneda had the skill level to drive and compete, but his race vehicle left him wanting more. He commissioned the off-road vehicle specialist Glazzkraft to build him a race-ready Can-Am X3 and went down the rabbit hole to construct the epitome of UTV racing platforms.  

Adam Castaneda, Tensor Tire, DSR33, Glazzkraft, Can-Am X3, Method Race Wheels, UTV Racing

Built from the ground up using a 2021 Can-Am X3 Max, Adam's new race car is a full tig welded chromoly chassis. Glazzkraft's Fab Division removed the stock frame but retained all factory pivot points from the X3 Max to stay legal per the Pro Production class specification.

Adam Castaneda, Tensor Tire, DSR33, Glazzkraft, Can-Am X3, Method Race Wheels, UTV Racing

Castaneda plans to campaign the car in the premiere series; Best In The Desert Racing Association and the SCORE International in 2021. Racing in the Desert UTV Pro Turbo class, vehicles built using production UTV's & allowing production or approved turbos means Adam will be facing the very best competition. 

Adam Castaneda, Tensor Tire, DSR33, Glazzkraft, Can-Am X3, Method Race Wheels, UTV Racing

The T802, Castaneda's race number, is here and ready to battle. A lot of time and effort went into this car, and it shows. See the full build-out and picture gallery below, highlighting the extensive fabrication and detailed craftsmanship that went into the Glazzkraft Can-Am X3. Before we jump to the car, read along to learn more about Adam's background.


TENSOR: How and when did you get into racing?

AC: I got into UTV racing last year and we ran BITD's Parker 250. We had fun and got the bug to go racing. It has been my dream since I got my first RZR 800S back when they came out. Our first year was full of learning experiences. The only race we finished was the BITD Laughlin night race and we had to drive the last 7 miles on three wheels! Even though we had a rough go, we had fun every single mile and just learned along the way.

TENSOR: What are you most excited about with the new car?

AC: I feel that this car is completely tailored to us. We collaborated a lot with Glazzkraft and tried to bring a top-notch UTV into our corner. I tried to mimic the performance capabilities of an AWD Class 10. Glazzkraft nailed the build, and I am excited to have a car this unique. It will stand out in the crowd. 

TENSOR: Tell us about the tires and how they perform for your program?

AC: I've been running Tensors on my play & race cars for the last four years. They are definitely the best tires out there. The lightweight, durable construction has proven itself time and time again. I prefer the round profile compared to a squared-off tire like some of the competitors. I've only had one flat while racing and it was 100% my fault. It means a lot to us to have Tensors support. Our goal is to bring the best care possible to the races, and it wouldn't be possible unless we were running the best tires as well! 

TENSOR: What are your future goals? 

AC: I would love to get into bigger cars like Class 1, Spec TT, or Trophy Trucks. But I also love the class we are in right now. It is so competitive; in every race, I feel like anyone has a chance to win. I hope to have some better luck this year and apply what we learned last season and prove what we can do. I am confident I have the speed to run in the top 10 at any race I go to. I need to put it all together. 

Photography By: Bink Designs


Builder GlazzKraft Fab Division
Chassis 2021 Can-Am X3 MAX 


Engine Rotax Ace 900 CC Turbocharged
Cooling CBR Performance
Exhaust Custom GlazzKraft Fab Division
Swaybars Summers Brothers
Brakes Streamline
Fuel Cell Pyrotect 41 Gallons
Axles Summers Brothers 300M HD
Steering Shock Therapy


15x5” Method 401R high offset
Tires Tensor DSR 33x10x15
Front Suspension
72" Fifty6 Long Travel Kit w/ FOX 2.5" Podium Piggyback with Bypass
Rear Suspension
FOX 3.0" Podium Remote Reservoir with Bypass
Lighting Baja Designs LP6 & RTL 30" Lightbar
Body GlazzKraft X3 Race Fiberglass & Carbon Body Kit
Livery Design Designed By Tony Lozza


Seats Impact
Wheel Impact
Harnesses Mastercraft
Dash GlazzKraft Carbon Fiber
Navigation Twin Lowrance HDS 7" & 10" GPS
Communication PCI Elite Intercom & Kenwood Radio

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