Tensor Tire Introduces All-New 37" DSR Competition Race Tire

Tensor Tire has officially released the 37" DSR competition level "Desert Series Race" tire. After rigorous field testing and analysis, the new Tensor Tire has proven its competitive advantage in the recent 2021 NORRA Mexican 1000 by Rhys Millen, taking the overall win in his all-wheel-drive "Jackal" buggy and also a Baja 1000 Class 7 victory in 2020.

Tensor's DSR Tires already own a championship-winning track record. Like the 33" & 35" counterparts, the 37" DSR features lightweight, rigid bias-ply construction with durable ribbed sidewalls & shoulders for reinforced puncture resistance. Made in the USA and developed specifically for competition & race purposes, the new DSR is an appropriately sized tire with decreased weight to unleash all the horsepower from your machine.

Weighing only 50 lbs, Tensor's 37" DSR measures 10" wide and is available for both 15" or 17" wheels. A 37" Tensor Tire & 15" Method Race Wheel combo can weigh as little as 70 lbs. and approximately 50% lighter than a comparable 37" race wheel/tire package.

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The 37" DSR is a purpose-built racing tire designed primarily for race-specific buggies and prerunners. Tensor DSR Tires offer race-proven performance at a larger size for those who demand the best. Contact your Tensor Tire rep today for more information.


  • Dimension: 37” x 10” 
  • Available in 15" and 17" wheel size
  • Weight 50 Lbs.
  • Ribbed sidewall shoulder for enhanced puncture resistance
  • Lightest race tire on the market
  • Lighter than previous class leading tire
  • Bias-ply construction
  • Race use only, NOT DOT COMPLIANT
  • NORRA 1000 overall winning car
  • Baja 1000 class winning car

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