GLAZZKRAFT / Salgado Motorsports CAN-AM MAVERICK X3: Breakdown

If you have followed UTVUnderground over the years then you have learned plenty about the quality builds coming out of Baja California Mexico by Hector Jimenez and his team at GLAZZKRAFT. We have been honored to be an exclusive media partner for Hector and his team, unveiling their amazing fiberglass and carbon fiber body and interior pieces as well as their full turn key builds.

Over the years GLAZZKRAFT has produced game changing dash, console and exterior body panels that have given builders, racers and enthusiasts around the world a way to truly customize and improve the look and function of their UTVs. While their parts are what many may know them for, we recognize them as one of the best kept secrets in the sport when it comes to advanced and detailed complete race & play cars. Its hard to comprehend that such talent could fly so far off the radar, but their secret is slowly getting out.

Check out the full vehicle breakdown here!

Photos & Words by UTV Underground.

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