Best In The Desert BlueWater Desert Challenge 2020

Another amazing year for the Best In The Desert Racing Association as it concludes the series with The Bluewater Desert Challenge. The race took place in Parker, AZ and was made up of a 23-mile-long loop course along the Colorado River, which is said to be the most challenging and scenic courses in the series. Despite the unique year 2020 has turned out to be, BITD was able to get the green light on many races with special COVID-19 safety measures that were put into place. To cap it all off, it was the most fitting final race of the year to end in Parker, AZ as it was the same place where the series started with the 2020 Tensor Tire Parker 250 back in January. A record-breaking number of 334 teams showed up with their eyes on the top spots.


Phil Blurton put on a strong race in the UTV turbo class and finished third, however he won the 2020 Best In The Desert UTV Turbo Production Class Championship as well as the Maxxis Triple Crown UTV Championship. He says, “Race week went awesome for everything we had on the line. It would’ve been cool to finish the season with a win, but at a point during the day we decided to play it smart. There were a couple of guys that had nothing to lose and we had everything to lose. Our Strategy going into the race was just to play it safe and see how the race played out. But after day one the top 14 cars were within 58 secondsof each other. That being said, it made us re-evaluate and make sure to push hard enough to get the championship. The year itself was amazing. We won four races: got one 2nd, one third, plus a third at King of Hammers. So we got a podium in every race we entered. We won two of the three triple crown races and that wrapped up the Triple Crown Championship and the BITD Championship for us. Giving us three championships in the four years we have been racing.”


Branden Sims delivers a strong race and finished 4th.In the UTV Youth Race we saw Ethan Groom take second place with a time of 00:41:50.832. 


The organizers are already looking forward to 2021 with great expectations. We’re excited to see what they have coming.







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