Tensor DSR 33 - Have the Advantage

33" UTV Race Tire

Specifically designed for off-road motorsports vehicles — the patented Tensor Desert Series Race (DSR) 33 inch American Made Race Tire is the lightest high-performance race tire available. At 39.2 lbs the DSR33 is lighter than most all competitor’s 32 inch offerings. Keeping overall weight down helps unleash all available horsepower your machine has to offer while reducing drivetrain strain on axles and belts.

  • Patented American Made Race Tire developed specifically for competition
  • Proprietary nylon bias ply with fiberglass belted construction saves weight over steel
  • Decreased weight unleashes all of the available horsepower from your machine
  • 1600 lbs. load rating will support fully loaded machines

The DSR33’s evolved closed tread pattern, ribbed sidewalls, and proprietary construction quickly separates itself from the competition.  If you are looking for the competitive advantage that will get you to the finish line first, these are the tires to do it.

Tire testing with Branden Sims in his Polaris Factory Racing RZR T913

First race — First win.

What started out as a tread life longevity test — turned into the DSR33’s first race win. PJ Jones piloted his Whipple powered race Can-Am from Ensenada to Cabo taking the overall UTV NORRA Mexican 1000 class win.  He completed the 1,262 miles on the same set of Tensor Tires he left the start line on without issue. 


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