Kaden Wells wins class at Parker 250

Parker 250 | Arizona - Kaden Wells of Risq Racing took first in the Pro UTV N/A class at the Tensor Tire Parker 250 race in Parker Arizona last weekend! 

Kaden, along with his brother Corbin, are two of the newest members of the Tensor family for the 2020 season. Risq Racing brings a winning record of first place finishes in the 2019 Baja 400 and 500, 2019 SCORE Class Champion, BITD 2018 Class Champion, and 2018 SCORE Class Champion.

Kaden will be racing his Pro N/A #1995 and Corbin his Pro N/A #1895 RZR on Tensor Tire DS32 tires and Method Race Wheels 401Rs. 


Specifically designed for motorsports UTVs — the patented Tensor Desert Series (DS) American Made Race Tire is the lightest high-performance tire available, with countless race wins to back up its reputation.  The DS’s thick tread blocks, ribbed sidewalls, and proprietary construction quickly separates itself from the competition.  If you are looking for the easiest way to get more performance out of your UTV, these tires will to do it.

  • Patented American Made Race Tire developed specifically for competition
  • Proprietary nylon bias ply with fiberglass belted construction saves weight over steel
  • Decreased weight unleashes all available horsepower from your machine
  • Open tread pattern delivers responsive and predictable steering with increase forward bite
  • Multiple rubber compounds available to match racing surface conditions
  • Extra thick tread blocks allow for custom grooving for increased performance
  • Unique ribbed sidewall shoulder negate crawl out in deep two track ruts
  • 1600 lbs. load rating will support fully loaded machines

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