Jeep Willys Restoration: Photos

Everybody loves a good vehicle restoration. Our HMFIC purchased this 1954 Jeep Willys with the simple plan of clear coating the body and adding wheels & tires. As most project vehicles go, that thought went out the window pretty quick when a friend said, “Come on, that’s the easy way out.” Challenge accepted.

This unpolished gem was in a yard for at least 20 years. Flat tires, oil leaks, cobwebs, frame disappearing into the weeds, and a family of squirrels burrowed underneath the seats. Most people would leave it or take it to a scrap yard. 

As with most Jeeps, there were a million different avenues the build could have gone. Decisions on larger things like motor swaps and overall functionality to smaller components such as a tailgate mounted cooler rack took a while. About two years later, we have a bitchin’ Jeep Willys with our 32" DS tires that is clean, simple and timeless. Yes please!  


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  • Woundered if the tire you used on Willy’s Resto could be used on a new gladiator ?

    Scott Brown

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