DSR35 Takeover: VIDEO

The acceptable tire size on off road vehicles these days is rising at a steady rate. 35-inch tires have been the go-to option for the last couple years especially on Class 10 race vehicles running in the Best In The Desert and SCORE off-road racing series. UTVs have begun to adopt this tire size for recreational use as well.
With a limited number of manufacturers focusing on race applications, Tensor Tire jumped at the chance to be a contender developing the DSR35 (Desert Series - Race) tire in 2017. The DSR35 is a 35x10R15 evolution of the highly successful DS line of race tires with podium finishes everywhere from King of the Hammers to the infamous Baja 1000.
The DSR35 features bias-ply construction and is the lightest Class 10 specific race tire on the market weighing in at 45 lbs. For those keeping tabs, that's 4.5 lbs lighter than the previous class-leading tire. With a new and improved tread pattern, lateral and longitudinal grip is superior to the competition and drivers immediately notice its surgical steering response and positive overall feel.
When railing those berms in the desert in your Can-Am or race vehicle, ribbed sidewalls offer greater sidewall protection in an especially puncture prone area.
The DSR35 is proudly made in the USA. Because it is was developed specifically for off road racing applications it is not DOT approved.
The DSR35 is available everywhere so contact us directly at 866.779.8604 or hit up your local Tensor Tire dealer and get a set today!


  • If that x3’s drive train, suspension, steering only had a mouth.
    Suggesting to people to run these heavy tires is awful advise.

  • Will you be making a 35×16 in the future. Thanks Dave

    Dave Trytko

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