The Dakar is a cross-country style rally and one of the most difficult motorsport events in the world. Cross-country rallies also known as “Rally Raid” events, consist of timed off-road stages called Specials and transit sections which move the competitors between specials and the service camp known as the Bivuoac. At several times during the event, the Bivuoac will move to different locations requiring the entire population of the rally including organization assets and team service vehicles to the new location. Check out the below gallery of scenes from the Dakar Rally.

South Racing Can-am:

The South Racing can-am team has become one of the most dominate in cross-country rallies. They field production based can-ams in the T4 SSV category for both professional and gentlemen (arrive and drive) drivers. 150+ men and women from all over the world work day and night to make sure athletes and vehicles are prepared and ready for the big race.

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